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Journeys Hidden America

These days so much of the American landscape is starting to look the same: one city blurring into another through bland interstate highways, fast food joints, big box stores, fading accents and radio stations with the same songs, news and voices that make can make one place virtually indistinguishable from another.

Yet, at the same time, there is more to America than that. Much more. The states differ in landscape, topography, weather, history, culture, political culture and outlook, as well as accent, temperament and sensibility. In fact, one part of the country and one state can be very different from the next. The fifty states occupy different places and role in our national narrative. They each offer their native’s perspective and world view.

As one author and social critic has recently written” somehow we’ve come to take for granted what our country looks like, what happened here, and what it feels like to live here. Shouldn’t we know it all in finer detail?”

We hope that’s what Journeys into Hidden America is all about.

Welcome. We’re glad you’ve come by. Let’s journey together.



Journeys Canada

Dedicated to explorations of Canada’s offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten, we chronicle and promote hidden community-based narratives that reflect the diversity of Canada beyond the tourist spots and off the beaten path – stories worth telling and places worth visiting. It provides a collective voice to the many local narratives that account for our various customs and traditions that make up the Canadian experience.

Many Americans are painfully ignorant about Canada and things Canadian. In turn, many Canadians seemingly downplay Canada’s special qualities and accomplishments or take them for granted.

Journeys into Canada is intended as a celebration of things Canadian – from Tim Hortons’ to regional fare – a place to help identify and advance narratives about people, places and things distinctively Canadian.

We welcome you, and are glad you are here. Let’s Journey together.

Journeys Hockey

To some hockey is just a game. To others of us it represents something much more. We feel a special connection to the game, its cultures and its traditions.

These days there is unprecedented coverage and accessibility to the game – especially the NHL –  like never before. But there are so many cultures and narratives to be told. There are “Journeys Into” the teams, games, players, “builders of the game”, buildings and broadcasters of the past. There are also narratives that come from places far away from the daily scores, standings and transactions.

They may come from the Forum, the Gardens, the Olympia or the Old Garden (let’s not forget the Stadium) to Johnny Bower.  Or perhaps from Hockey Night in Dixie, Howie Meeker or the Pond Hockey Championships.

Journeys into Hockey is about explorations into hockey’s offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten.

So, hello to hockey fans in Canada, the United States and beyond. We’re so glad you’re here. Let’s Journey together.

Journeys Beer

Beer has always been an important part of popular culture – just look at the connection between beer and baseball in the States; beer and hockey in Canada. How about the stubby beer bottle? Clearly beer is about the beverage, but it’s also about a whole lot more as well.

Journeys into Beer is an exploration of beer through its various cultures – from classic beers to modern day eco-brewers; from beer making to memorabilia; old-time bars to brew pubs. Together they are the stuff that makes beer special. These Journeys into Beer are intended to inform and enlighten, but most of all – like a good glass of beer – they can make one feel real good.

Journeys Guests & Misc

Journeys Into is intended to be a narrative of narratives, a community of communities.

With that in mind, we make this space available for your narratives – be you an individual or community. We seek those that help provide a sense of place – a sense of who we are.

We hope we can inspire you to embark on a journey of your own, as we did – taking a passion and turning it into a narrative to share with us, and, in turn, to become part of our larger narrative of narrative. It’s about your story; it’s about our story together.

From time to time, we hope to use this section to profile featured Journey-casters. Whenever you are ready, we welcome you.

Should you want a little help making the most of your (or your community’s) narrative we can help with that too. Just reach out to us through links elsewhere on this site.

In this space are also some of our other narratives not be found elsewhere (i.e. baseball, International, Regional and Local).

So welcome. We’re glad you could join us.

Happy Journeys. We look forward to hearing about yours !

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