So read the headline from the New York Times that caught our attention.

The sub-headline reads, “A cranky blogger of the lost city becomes a crusader for mom-and-pop businesses”.

As we started reading the article had New York or city flavor,
“Here’s an old story: Your favorite dive bar/record hop/little Cuban restaurant gets turned into a Citibank/Apple store/luxury condominium. You pass through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, then inevitably settle into acceptance”.

But clearly the story can be anywhere. “Progress” doing what “progress” does – leaving in its wake a loss of what was there before with barely a chance to pause and contemplate what just happened and why.

Jeremiah Moss has been chronicling a “Vanishing New York” for years. But over the last year he has become and advocate of “mom and pop” businesses being threatened.

Mr. Moss (that’s not his real name) and his story is found in this most interesting article.