Following Chicago’s Game 5 win in Tampa, we read that for Game 6 “The Cup will be in the house”, meaning that The Hawks could win a Cup with a win in Game 6.

The sight of the Stanley Cup stirs powerful feelings.

The intensity of those feelings can best be seen by an episode that occurred in Chicago during 1962.

During that year’s playoffs, the Cup sat on display in a huge glass case in the Chicago Stadium lobby – in honor of the Black Hawks who had won the year before. A Montreal fan, Ken Kilander, was upset with the Stanley Cup being in Chicago. He opened the glass case and when no alarms went off, reached in and grabbed the Cup off its stand. Kilander crept through the stadium lobby and headed for the exit doors. He was just a few yards from the exit when a police officer spotted Kilander and asked him why he was taking the Stanley Cup out of Chicago Stadium. “I want to take it back where it belongs,” Kilander explained, “To Montreal.”

It’s been a while since Montreal won a Cup (1993), but a word of caution is in order as the Cup awaits this year’s winner.