This year’s NHL All-Star Game will be a curiosity because of its new 3×3 format, as well as the intriguing John Scott story.

For those looking for something beyond Nashville, here is a blast from the past – when the All-Star game was very different.

First, it was just a game. Second, it was full squads of real All-Stars against the Stanley Cup champions. Third, the game ocurred in October before the start of the season.

This video Bill Hewitt calling the 1963 All-Star Game at Maple Leaf Gardens – Toronto Maple Leafs versus the N.H.L. All-Stars.

Some great names: Bathgate, Richard, Geoffrion, Henry, Beliveau, Hull, Howe, Hall and Howell  among the All-Stars. On the Leafs, the likes of Horton, Stanley, Keon, Kelly, Duff, Baun, Mahavolich, Armstrong, etc.