So much has been written and said about the rise , fall and reboot of the industrial world of Detroit and Michigan.

Much less has been seen about the story from the perspective on the other side of the river in Windsor, Ontario.

Now, however, a fabulous narrative is just a click away.

The Windsor Star has chronicled the history of Windsor through its own history in a feature aptly called “Every important Windsor story part of Star history”. The feature marks 125 years for the publication, no small feat – especially in today’s tumultuous and changing media landscape.

They are news photos and videos, but they also provide a wonderful look at how we have all changed. One does not have to be from Windsor to appreciate it.

My favorite was the reporting of a 1945 Ford strike that as the Star put it “Ford strike of 1945, which forever altered the landscape of Canadian labour-management relations”.

For one who was raised on the story of the automotive industry on the Detroit side of the river, one sees that the narrative was a North American one, be it with a Canadian variation. Though similar in many respects, there was an important narrative being written on the Canadian side, on one unique to that side because it was Canadian.