We’ve been reading an interesting book – “Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life” by Joan Chittister, The author, a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania, is a distinguished lecturer.

In a chapter entitled “The Place of Tsunamis in the Ocean of Life”, she weighs in on the role of “waves” and how we react to them – whether we change with them because the waves will invariably cause erosion and change – and often positive change, but change nonetheless.

“…Every wave brings with it a new set of circumstances to consider…we know that we do not have the luxury of running away…It’s not a matter of clinging to the past. In fact, there is no past now; there is only a present in the process of convulsion. Of spiritual tsunami…Those who insist on preserving yesterday when today has already swept it away like sand on a beach lose the opportunity to guide the present…It is too late to stop the wave. It can only be absorbed and the beaches rebuilt to accommodate the changes…Our sands are shifting and now no amount of willing it were otherwise can possibly stop the process….”

We seek your input as we look to compare and contrast these writings within the context of our new slogan that proclaims “Helping You Be Contemporary in a Traditional Way”.

What do you think ?