Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten

Come Journey with Us

“Come along.  Come and see.  There are sites in this country and people in this country to vanish any gloom you ever may feel, and to fill you instead with wonder.  Every road is as good as a promise and the promises all will be kept.  And do not worry about getting lost.  I have gone ahead and know the way”.

So wrote Charles Kuralt in an introduction to his famous “On the Road” TV series.

These words and its philosophy have guided us for over 30 years. Over that time, we too have gone ahead and would like to take you on a journey to share with you some of the wonderful places, people and stories we’ve found to tell you about.

A lot of our journey has taken us into America beyond the interstate and off the beaten path in the tradition and spirit of Charles Kuralt and Garrison Keillor (What we have called “Hidden America”). But it is has also taken us into Canada, and some places abroad too.   It has taken us into the world and tradition of Hockey , Beers, the Music of America, and more – even into other places and times and even into times and places that never existed (Our popular culture and “Nostalgia”).

What unifies them is that they are all explorations of what we like to call “the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten”.

And what ties them with you and I is that they are all informative, enlightening and entertaining.

BTW, as we’ve traveled around we came to appreciate that what started as a journey into the soul of America and Canada, over time became many types of other journeys as well.

For example, we have come to appreciate that a story well told could also be a story that also benefits and empowers many others  – folks like those involved  in media, advertising, marketing, sponsorship, travel, leisure and hospitality and communities – as well as travelers, armchair travelers and those with an interested things “offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten”.  You can start to discover some of these “Other Journeys” below.

For now, welcome. We hope you will feel comfortable, to be relaxed and join us for a spell as we take a journey together….