Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten

Create Your Own Journey

As we’ve journeyed to places large and small, near and far, we have often returned home enlightened and inspired.  Often it has been by the scenery and novelty of a new adventure, or by the richness and scope of our traditions and cultures. But just as often it is the voices and stories of those we have met along the way that moved us.

We recall meeting so many friendly folks – be they fellow travelers, people at work, or just  everyday citizens. Some were young, some were old, and some were part of a family or group. Some were alone. Most conversations were brief, but rewarding. What impressed and comforted most was a sense of decency that characterized these fleeting interactions.

It left one wishing there could have been more time – to stay longer a chat a bit more.

In this site, we have shared with you our “wisdom” – some items that have caught our attention as we have journeyed.

We are hoping you too will want to share your narrative with us.

This is a space to identify, develop and share impressions, recollections and more – your narrative, your journey.

Of course, just what the nature of that journey is and how we can help you depend on who you are (individual, community, media, sponsors, marketing from, et. al.), the nature of your narrative and what it might be used for.

Of course, a journey can be a physical  trip of discovery  – nearby or across the country.

But a journey can also be a Journeys-Into style media feature  (“Journeycast”), a Sponsorship/Marketing partnership, or a community’s efforts to achieve  greater growth and sustainability. Such a path towards a greater sense of place and pride is also a “journey”.

So too are exercises of   learning and empowerment .

So, there are journeys of various sorts to be created.  What ties them (and us) together is that they are all about taking a passion and turning into a narrative.

Unsure how to start ? We can help you identify and create your own narrative.

And if you already have a narrative we can help make it ready for a larger and more focused audience.

In all, I ‘d like to think of this section as a chance to pick-up on a conversation together – even though we may not be meeting up along the way by chance, but rather in a conscious decision to be and make community together.