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Create Your Own Journey: Involved in Community Sustainability and/or Growth

Ever heard of Tommy Wadkins ? Bet not. But how about Glenn Miller ? Chances are you probably know who he is.

There’s a wonderful story about a small town in Nebraska where Glenn Miller served as an apprentice in the Tommy Wadkins Orchestra before he became, well, Glenn Miller. Folks in this small town set to it to make sure the ballroom where Miller played would be preserved. Not only did they succeed but the restored ballroom now serves as an important anchor to this town. Moreover, it has generated interest and travel to their community.

How do we know ? Because on “Journeys into Hidden America” on SIRIUS-XM we presented this story to listeners. And, as a result of the publicity from this radio feature additional interest was created resulting in business opportunities for those in town and beyond.

This small town story became something more – a smart narrative.

We would like to show you how you have stories in your very own midst that are ready to be transformed into smart narratives.
There are others we would like to share with you as well – because we have been telling these stories that sell for over 25 years, over the radio, by syndicated column, books, online and more. For example, there are stories like an Ohio brew-pub that not only saved a neighborhood but turned it around, or a century old Michigan Main Street bakery saved by cops that has now become a tourist attraction as well.

As we have shared with folks, not just in Nebraska, but in Indiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Canada and New Jersey, we would like to show you how stories of authenticity and community turned into smart narratives can mean dollars saved and/or new dollars earned.

And, if you think these stories are only about communities, think again. we can show you how my smart narrative strategies have helped companies like USA Today, Chevrolet, Dodge, American Airlines and Sesame Street Productions and Motor Club of America. They can help your business whether you are located in New York, Nebraska or Nova Scotia.

There’s a lot more, but for the sake of “keeping things simple”, we need to hear from you first.

Please reach out so we can talk, and we can help – whether you are a business, trade organization, association, community, media or individual.

You have a story, and one that has force and strength – if you can transform that story and bring it to life and dollars as a smart narrative.

Let us show you how.