Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten
Products and Services
Service Description Inquire
New Project Development  Programimg for radio, TV, online, print and more. Information, features, and more. inquire
Content Provider Information and features for radio, TV, online, print, et. al. inquire
Sponsorship/Marketing Partnerships  Good content makes for good sponosrship opportunities- whether using our brand or yours. inquire
Smart Narrative Making  Entertaining features that can do more – whether using our brand or yours. inquire
Empowerment  Providing the skills to make the most of good content. inquire
Training  "Journeycasts", "Smart Narratives", "Smart Community Narratives" and more. inquire
Interviews  Let us join you on the air to share the best of the "offbeat, off the beaten path, et. al.". inquire
Eric Model as Producer  Helping you stand-out with quality programming. inquire