Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten

Making the Most of It: For Those Involved in Community/Sustainability and/or Growth

We do more than share great “Journeys into” stories. We can help turn a potentially good story into a smart narrative, and especially a smart community narrative.

Each place has a story (or more) to tell. It is the type of thing that makes for a sense of place and communicates why a place is special. It may be about history, popular culture, it’s people, places, foods or even a festival. It’s about what matters to people there – making for its spirit.

And, those stories can mean dollars to many – ranging from the community to its citizens to its businesses to media and sponsors types beyond.

You can start to take advantage of your smart narrative. And it’s easier and less costly than you might think.

We have developed a range of services, strategies and solutions that help empower those who have stories or those who might benefit from them. Our experts can help you tap into and take advantage of the business opportunities that can flow out of Journeys into smart narrative making.

There’s much that we can do. For a start here is but a small sampling:

– Smart Community Narrative Strategies & Services

– Build a Journey Strategies & Services

– Half-day and full-day workshops on writing for the mature traveler.

– Presentations to trade show and annual general meetings on the rapidly expanding market for alternative travel (ecological, educational, cultural, and volunteer vacations).

– Consultation services to policy makers and strategic planners in government and industry on generating small-scale, low impact tourism to create grassroots employment and build pride in skills at the community level.

– Review of existing tourism materials, websites, and audio/visual tools.

– Strategies for attracting visitors to areas where geography and climate may not be saleable attractions – what makes you unique & different as your selling point, the magic of this type of alternative tourism.

Sound interesting ? Let’s talk. You can start the process by pushing the inquire button connected to this section. Ask about “Journeys Into – Community Journeys”.