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Make the Most of a Journey: Involved in related Legal Issues (Journeys Into – Lifestyle Marketing Journeys)

Our background in law can be useful to you – whether you are an individual, a place or a business, sponsorship agency, media or law firm.

Our expertise is in Lifestyle Marketing and Lifestyle Marketing Law. In legal practice, it involves law as specifically applied to every aspect of special events, festivals, sports, arts and entertainment, all components of lifestyle marketing.

Some of the relevant issues include: Strategic Planning Implementation of venue planning; negotiation; special protections and concerns for renewals (options and right of first refusal and first negotiation, liability precaution; protection of proprietary rights, licensing and merchandising protections; definition and protection of media relationships; Not-for-Profit protections; Municipal Ordinances, first amendment issues; event permits; compliance with regulations and laws; mediation, and other services as needed by client.

For more on how Journeys Into can work for you in this way, please contact us. Ask about “Journeys Into – Lifestyle Marketing Journeys/Legal”.