Explorations of the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten

Independent Journeys



Ready to travel ?

If you’re like us, you like to travel your way…your interests,  your pace, your trip.

We can help point you in the right direction, while also leaving you tp pursue your own journey of discovery. Afterall, taking good ideas(stories) and turning them into good trips is what got us started in the first place.

A chili-cook-off, a jumping frog jubilee, a trek along the Trans-Canada in search of the best BBQ or poutine ? Looking for a perfect hockey setting or any of thousands of other places, events and activities ?

We offer:

– Travel consulting and trip planning services

– Free information about travel and community our Travel Center and Website

We are not travel agents, so we don’t book flights, hotels, or rental cars directly. But we work closely with others  that can do so in a manner consistent with our values (the “Journeys into way”). See Trains, Planes, Buses and More.