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Travel Partnership Development Opportunities

If you are a travel planner, tour operator, travel professional, a media professional,   or someone who relies upon travel and leisure, we can be of help to you.

We can also help you take such stories and turn them into springboards – prompting listeners to become travelers – developing and adapting  travel product to help connect those moved by our features with the travel professional’s opportunity to get travelers to these places.

In my years of creating, spring boarding and leveraging features and stories smartly, I have also found myself in the middle as a facilitator of alliances and partnerships – sponsorship and marketing arrangements that have included travel professionals, media, sponsors, and public sector. They range from grass-roots and Main Street organizations to major national and international businesses.

Examples include our original Weekends on the Road in the 1980’s that tied together information about places beyond the interstate to an 800 number in a travel agency that helped get there.

Another early collaboration was with American Airlines and Traveler’s Access to create customized “Eventsamerica ”special events itineraries.

Other examples have included the partnership between myself (Hidden America) with USA Today and Dodge (later Chevrolet). A similar arrangement involved facilitating a Hidden America segment on SIRIUS-XM radio underwritten by Heritage Nebraska.

There are other examples as well.  We produce good stories that produce can produce customers and business for you and others. I have been able to put together the pieces – to synthesize – to see the relationships between seemingly unrelated fields and find commonality in a way that benefits all involved.

After years of experience in media (Radio personality, content and feature aggregator, producer and head of ancillary services)  and marketing (including partnerships with SIRIUS-XM Radio, USA Today, Chevrolet, Winnebago and American Airlines),  we are especially excited about today’s still evolving media-marketing environment that allows for projects in traditional and cutting edge media in ways never done before. New opportunities to blend media and marketing allow for unique and exciting possibilities.

There’s much more, but for that will wait to hear from you !  We look forward to share them with you when we speak and use their experience to craft something for you.

Let’s journey together !