The Presidential road show of 2016 has left Wisconsin, leaving depper more personal stories behind – such as the closing of the famous Oscar Meyer factory in Madison.

Back in November Oscar Mayer parent Kraft Heinz announced it would shutter the 96 year old meat and cheese porcessing factory in town at the beginning of 2017. Its headquarters will move to Chicago, putting 1,000 employees out of work.

The loss of one of Madison’s signature companies is part of a plan by parent company Kraft Heinz to close seven factories in the U.S. and Canada, four months after the two food giants merged.

“Didn`t see it coming,” Doug Leikness, president of the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) said. “We`ve increased productivity in this plant. We`ve done it with less workers, and now we`re getting the carpet pulled from underneath us. We just feel a big sense of betrayal from this company.”

There’s a few months until it’s all done. In teh meantime, the property has been put up for sale. Everyone is trying to get their arms and head around just what’s happening and what might be next.

Sometimes, the issues during a campaign are theoretical and one principle. Other times they are more. To folks in this neighborhood in Madison, one issue is very clear.