The Brooklyn Brewery is trying to push New Yorkers’ palates even further by going back in time.

This week, it hosted a dinner party inspired by the local cuisine of Dutch settlers and Native Americans in the 1650s.

For appetizers, the brewery served clams seasoned with sumac, which the Lenape Indians used as a spice. There’s also a Dutch-style casserole of vegetables and smoked salt pork in a cornmeal porridge that the Lenape introduced to the settlers. The first course was venison.

Deborah Schwartz, president of the Brooklyn Historical Society, said this dinner shows how the Dutch settlers are still relevant more than 300 years after their rule ended.

“There are still Dutch colonial houses,” Schwartz said. “There are still street names that are directly connected to the families that really founded the various towns and villages.”

More from this report, courtesy of NPR News.