Why can’t folks just be happy with who they are and what they have ?
Seems we always have to crown something or someone as “the best”.

What does it have to be a winner take all ? There is so much to take in – quoting Fred Rodgers, “everyone (everything) is special in their own way”.

Anyway, enough for the soap box.

PRI reports that food writer Steve Dolinsky has been searching for the sweetest treat in Canada. And, he thinks he’s found it.“You go to any bakery, any market, and you’re going to see butter tarts,” he says. “I mean, every place in Toronto, somebody’s got an opinion about butter tarts. They are just all over Ontario.”Butter tarts — or sugar pies, or tarte au sucre, depending on whom you ask — are almost as popular a topic as hockey, Dolinsky says. Styles do vary a bit, but essentially all of the Canadian tarts are all made with eggs, brown sugar, butter and a little corn syrup. It’s all combined inside a flaky pastry shell small enough to fit inside your hand.“It’s so intense, and it’s packed with sweet and fat,” Dolinsky says.

But others are not so quick to agree.

The PRI piece quotes Andrea Crossan, described as “The World’s one-woman encyclopedia of all things Canadian”. She lives in Vancouver and had never even eaten a butter tart (“I had to Google butter tart to see what it looks like,” she to PRI) . Instead she favors a local speciality, Nanaimo Bars.

As someone agnostic on the whole thing, it appears that Dolinsky perhaps can accurately claim that the butter tart is the most popular sweet in Ontario.

As for the whole of Canada ?

I recall some wonderful treats in tea rooms in Victoria and treats with a french flavor in Montreal and Quebec City.

Where do Beavertails and entries from the Maritimes and the prairies fit in ?

The quest may be a good idea but I’m not quite sure the journeys should be declared over and a crown given just yet.

What do you think ?

Photo Credit: bbcgoodfood