Yes, it has recently been owned by Toys R Us, and it some time ago moved from its classic spot on Fifth Avenue to more modern digs across the street, but the closing of F.A.O. Schwarz’s flagship store in New York is still hitting many hard.

F. A. O. Schwarz remains one of New York’s most venerable retail brands, having outlasted other carriage-trade stores such as B. Altman, Bonwit Teller and Best & Company. The store began as Schwarz Brothers Importers soon after the Civil War.

It was a fixture. It fit “a certain idea of classic New York that had to do with the Plaza Hotel and Eloise,” said one customer.

Now it is closing. “Everything Must Go” signs on the windows.

Those that run things claim they are looking for space on the West Side in Time Square.


But even if they do it will be a very different experience – on the other side of town from the Plaza, Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

Another bit of old New York will be gone. And, at that, a little bit of us too.

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