“Finnish Pancakes” are served at The Hoito Restaurant (often referred to as “The Hoito” by locals), a Finnish-Canadian restaurant in Thunder Bay since 1918.

Despite their name, the pancakes appear to be an all-Canadian creation of bush camp cooks. But they are usually not served with Canada’s other contribution to breakfast, maple syrup. There are no maple trees in the spruce and birch woods surrounding Thunder Bay. Instead, the Hoito offers sugary fruit toppings or artificial syrup.

The Hoito was started in 1918 and is located in the bottom floor of the historic Finnish Labour Temple. It has operated continuously in its present location in the Finnish quarter for 91 years and is considered to be the oldest co-operatively owned and operated restaurant in Canada.

The New York Times Food section features a report on Finnish Pancakes, The Hoito and Thunder Bay.

Photo Credits: and audreyxlux