Hockey has had a long and deep association with beer. Generations who argued over Leafs-Canadiens, also argued over Labbatt and Molson.

As on the ice, times sure have changed in the world of spirits as well.

An example is Jim Fox.

A former NHL player, Fox, now a broadcaster with the Los Angeles Kings and for a couple of years a teammate of Wayne Gretzky’s, is one of a growing number of hockey players involved in the wine industry. Valeri Bure, formerly of the Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames, makes a high-end cabernet sauvigon in St. Helena, Calif., that is so popular that you’ll need to spend two years on a waiting list just to get a chance to buy one of the 700 cases Bure Family Wines produces every year.

I suppose it was inevitable. Players once played for beer money. As the salries and perks have increased, so have off-ice passions.

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