There’s a regional specialty in P.E.I. that, while not quite making French Fries healthy, does add a healthy eating aspect to them.

In O’Leary, population of 692 (1996) located in Prince County, calls itself “Hockeytown PEI”.

It is in potato growing country. Potatoes are important to the place. It is home of a Potato Museum,  whose highlights include the world’s largest exhibits of  potato-related farm machinery, agricultural and Community artifacts and the world’s largest potato sculpture.

The area is famous for having invented what are called  ‘Fries with the works’.

Given the prominent role of the potato, it is not surprising to learn that French Fries are a serious topic on PEI. Where to find the best Fish and chips is a subject of lively debate.

FWTW, as it is sometimes called,  is uniquely PEI (and locals say uniquely O’leary).  It is a combination of French fries, fried hamburger, fried onions, gravy (usually beef), peas, and optionally mushrooms. Other common toppings include green onions, tomatoes, carrots, sour cream and grated cheese.

Where to find them ? Here’s a link to a discussion I found on that subject.

We mention this as a Journey into O’leary because of the presence of the Potato Museum. But free the look of things, it seems a good dish of FWTW may be found beyond.

We welcome your thoughts.

As it is, while bot quite “health food” WWTW offers a unique way to eat your vegetables and enjoy it too.