It is hard to imagine just how excited Winnipegers must feel. Imagine if the Dodgers came back to Brooklyn or the Expos to Montreal.

Winnipeg is about to host its first playoff game in 19 years.

In the Globe and Mail, Roy McGregor has written another brilliant piece describing just what the original Jets came to represent – both to hockey and to Winnipeg itself.

The article talks of Bobby Hull, Ben Haskins, Hedberg, Nilson and the Avco Cup – all from the WHA days. It also speaks of the transition into the NHL, the transition out-of-town, and those difficult years having to watch “their team” playing in Arizona.

Most impactful was the discussion about what the Jets have meant to Winnipeg after all the city and its fans have been through.

“We get knocked for our weather,” Joe Daley, a former Jet and a native of the city told Roy McGregor. “We get knocked for our mosquitoes. We got knocked for a lot of things, but we’re loved for our hockey team. It’s sort of like we’ve been adopted by the rest of the country.”