The Preakness Stakes was an exciting one as American Pharaoh won the horse race notwithstanding a muddy track in the midst of a thunderstorm, setting up a real possibility of a Triple Crown win.

There was news off the track as well.

The head of the Maryland Jockey Club revealed that the Preakness could leave Pimlico and run on Sunday to increase revenue.

The move would be to Laurel, another track of the Club, and could come as soon as next year.

There appear to be legitimate business reason to contemplate the possibility of a move. The facilities are old, and the coast of “modernization” (luxury suites, et. al.) may be prohibitive.

Nonetheless, the timing of this disclosure is, to say the least, unfortunate.

Baltimore and especially the neighborhoods surrounding and near the Pimlico track are deserving of high marks. The race and the events surrounding the race went without incident. Moreover, there was a real feel that everyone wanted to go the extra mile to make sure that things went well.

Locals and community groups were not only tolerant, they were quite proactive in reaffirming the place of the Preakness within the community fabric of Park Heights and Baltimore.

In return, as an expression of gratitude comes this disclosure.

Maybe such “progress” as defined by the race organizers is inevitable. But is there not a more decent way ?