So quoted the New York Times of an embittered Islander fan about the move of their team from Long Island to Brooklyn.

A new season – their 44th – starts tonight for the Islanders. But it will be very different from the others as the Isles have keft their home of the last 43 years on the Island for the Barclays’ Center in Brooklyn.

“It would be fair to say that Long Islanders’ relationship to the Barclays Center… a work in progress”, wrote the Times. “Within New York City, however, those in charge of Brooklynizing the Islanders — be it ever so slightly — are hoping that the team’s arrival will mint a new generation of hockey fans”, an article headlined “Is;anders Face a Mixed Welcome in their New Brooklyn Home” wrote.

However, those in charge might have a challenge.

In addition to betrayed Long Islanders, these folks face obstacles in converting long-time and entrenched Ranger fans and many who have a disinclination for hockey. According to the article, the team is even reaching out in an advertising campaign as far as New Jersey (where there is already a team called the Devils seeking to fill seats in Newark) hoping to capture those “casual hockey fans or the fan who’s a transplant who’s come from Canada and doesn’t have a team to call their own,” said Elisa Padilla, the arena’s chief marketing officer.

It should be prove as interesting a story as anything on the ice.

Image Credit: New York Magazine