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Journeys Hidden America

These days so much of the American landscape is starting to look the same: one city blurring into another through bland interstate highways, fast food joints, big box stores, fading accents and radio stations with the same songs, news and voices that make can make one place virtually indistinguishable from another.

Yet, at the same time, there is more to America than that. Much more. The states differ in landscape, topography, weather, history, culture, political culture and outlook, as well as accent, temperament and sensibility. In fact, one part of the country and one state can be very different from the next. The fifty states occupy different places and role in our national narrative. They each offer their native’s perspective and world view.

As one author and social critic has recently written” somehow we’ve come to take for granted what our country looks like, what happened here, and what it feels like to live here. Shouldn’t we know it all in finer detail?”

We hope that’s what Journeys into Hidden America is all about.

Welcome. We’re glad you’ve come by. Let’s journey together.