Explorations of the Offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten

To many, our modern world has become a monolithic place, dominated by mass media, fast foods, big box stores and seemingly endless sprawl.

In creating what is now “Journeys into Hidden America”, Eric Model set out to show that there is more; that even in the face of a trend towards increasing uniformity, there remains a wonderful variety of people, place, and stories to be experienced and celebrated.

For almost 30 years, Eric has been chronicling places beyond the interstate (& Trans-Canada). He is dedicated to “exploring the offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten”.

Eric created Journeys Into based on a journey of his own.

Long a fan of Charles Kuralt and Lake Wobegon, Model wanted to embark on journeys of discovery, but found resources lacking to help plan “his kind of trip”.

Just what is the Hidden America?

It’s not likely to be found on a map. Nonetheless, the Hidden America may be found across the land – in Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, even New York City. It’s the individual parts of America that collectively make up the American experience.
It’s lobstermen in Maine, loggers at work in the woods of Washington State, a rodeo in Oklahoma, and Blue Ridge Mountain Bluegrass. It’s the foods, places, peoples, customs, and history that unite us in a common narrative – something providing a rare degree of commonality for Americans these days, while accounting for the historic diversity that endures to today.

Inspired by the late Charles Kuralt’s On The Road, Hidden America is a guide to the people, places and events that celebrate America’s rich traditions in music, books, customs and history – information that for a long time was scattered and diffuse.

The starting point for this journey was America’s festivals and events.

But in addition to being a valuable source of information Hidden America also offers context and insight on the events, traditions, culture, food, music, history, literature and customs of the surrounding area and the people who make it significant. It is entertaining and compelling content – of interest not just to travelers, but to armchair travelers as well.

“Hidden America” is the name we have used to identify a content platform and banner for a number of networks or communities based on the theme “dedicated to On The Road Americana”.

More than anything Hidden America is a state of mind – recalling culture and media from an earlier, some say simpler, but surely less bellicose and jaded time. No, it is not sappy nostalgia or history through rose colored glasses– We combine the technology of today with a spirit which seemingly is more elusive to find, if not lost. We are not cool, we are enduring, though. We are not the flavor of the week, but all the flavors that collectively make up what has become known to be the American experience.