2017 promises to be a special year. Canada is celebrating 150 years of confederation.

Back in 1967 for the centennial, the world converged on Montreal and Expo ’67. This time looks to be different.Yes, folks will be heading to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and the Rockies, but they will also want to go further – beyond the Trans-Canada to places large and small which can deliver glimpses and tastes of authenticity –  places like your community.

Canada offers an extraordinary range of experiences. Your community has a narrative to tell – one that folks want hear and one that can bring benefits to you, something always welcome but especially now in these challenging times.

I’m looking forward to unveiling and sharing stories describing the Canada beyond the Trans-Canada.

If you have story to tell I hope you will share it with us so we can  share it with others.  All you have to do is send me information about what makes you unique – your Main Street, your festivals, your traditions, foods, history, culture, people, how you  plan to mark Canada’s 150. In turn, I will promote and publicize many of those stories and also supply you a “authenticity summary” providing feedback on what you have sent me. It is a way that you can start to leverage and make the  most of what you are and can be.

Let’s Journeys together.