I’d like to think of myself as pretty consistent and steady in outlook. Not one for whims or the “trend of the minute”, I like to take a wide-angle, long view of things.

But it’s interesting that as soon as completed the entry entitled “Old-School, Not Old-Fashioned” new thoughts came to mind making adjustments to that offering.

The original entry was written to explain that in too many places events, people, places and sensibilities from the past are marginalized – dismissed as “nostalgia”, “living in the past”.
I write that my perspective was “old school” embracing values that are worth preserving.

But, let there be no confusion, in so many ways we are better today than we have ever been. I do not miss the rampant racism, sexism and Ant-Semitism that once was an integral part of society. You and I can easily recount action and behavior, once social acceptable, is no longer (and that is a good thing).

Yes, there is still room for improvement, but we are better for having moved beyond where we were before.

What I speak to are “common courtesies”, once extended one person to another (all be it to a narrowly defined society), that too often are today elusive. Common decency is less common.

One had hoped that as more room was made available at the table for those previously excluded that those seated at this expanded table would not only have access to the table but would be able to interact with each other with civility, respect, dignity and decency.

Old school meant dignity and decency to a mainstream. Now that there are more in the mainstream (Economic inequality and 1% are topics for another day), we find dignity, decency and humility all too elusive.

Instead, culture celebrates those “with an edge”.

It is an old-school of civility, reapect, humility and decency for all that we advocate.