Carriage horses have been a source of controversy in the news in recent years – most predominately in New York where they were once a fixture in and around Central Park. They are now history, a casualty of changing tastes and concerns about animal welfare.

Charlottetown, the carriage horses have been the news as well. But there the issue is a lack o funds. Charlottetown is losing a horse and carriage service that offered visitors a unique tour of the city.

The owner of a horse and carriage service in Charlottetown told CBC News she can’t afford to truck the draft horses and carriage from the country to go to work each day.

“I can go back to the race track, but I would have to build my own barn. We can’t afford, you know, $50,000 to put on someone else’s property,” said Greenan, who has been running the service for 8 years.

She said her only option would be to truck the horses and carriage in from her farm in the community of Crapaud, 40 kilometres outside of the capital. Those added expenses would put a carriage ride out of reach for most visitors.

The tourism operator said she can’t even find a space big enough in the downtown to park her horse trailer and the flatbed truck to transport the carriage.

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