Here’s one from the everything that is old is new again category or perhaps under “You can Go Back Again”, Pabst Brewing Co. has announced that it will again brew beer in Milwaukee at the site of its historic former brewery, which the company shut down nearly 20 years ago.The company will open a microbrewery, including a tasting room, at the former Pabst Brewing complex on downtown’s west side. Most of the former brewery buildings have been redeveloped into a hotel, apartments, offices and other new uses, with more projects in the works.

The new brewery and tasting room will open in a former church, at the southeast corner of W. Juneau Ave. and N. 11th St., that was later used as an employee training and conference center by Pabst Brewing.The brewery and tasting room, with around five to 10 employees, will be on the building’s ground floor. A restaurant and tavern, operated by Milwaukee restaurateur Mike Eitel, will be on the second floor, said Michael Mervis, spokesman for Blue Ribbon Management LLC, which is buying the building and will lease space to Pabst and Eitel.”It’s very exciting for us to have this innovation laboratory, and to be back in our hometown,” Kashper said to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “There’s so much loyalty and passion for the brand.”Pabst might also use the brewery to create some new brands, he said.”But we will always try to tie that back to our roots,” Kashper said.