It was a time of rock music, drugs and protests, we were told.

Rock and drugs were not my thing. I did join the protests, but with the certainty and a naivite of a teen – a baby boomer at that.

My music was not the Stones, or Crosby Stills Nash and Young. I turned elsewhere.

And occasionally there were tunes that would just not leave my head. Lynn Anderson’s “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden” was such a tune.

It was part country, part top of the popular charts. The vanguard of social change it was not. But I just loved it.

Today I found myself again humming the tune, following word that Lynn Anderson recently died at age 67.

How could that be ? She was so young and so pretty. And, it was 1970 – just yesterday.

Oh, forgetting that it is 2015 today.

So, sorry to note her passing. But these many years later, I am still humming the song.

And, so much did I like it that I am not even afraid to write about it.