There will be the anthems and the obligatory contemporary entertainment experiences – music blasted because those blasting think we like it blasted. We don’t – at least many that I know do not.

There is an organist at Tampa Bay who does a fine job as an accompanist for the anthem and, of course, in Chicago the organ is made to sound like the famous pipe organ that used to play across the street at the Chicago Stadium.

But musically we wanted to contemplate what this Stanley Cup Final brings.

We were curious about the “Music of Tampa Bay”. We found a list that chronicles “Songs about Tampa Bay”. The tunes are not familiar to me. Tell me what you think.

As for Chicago, the list is a very long one.

Here are three that I am partial to. (BTW, just because I like the songs does not mean I am rooting for the Blackhawks – I am agnostic on this series – both good and worthy clubs):

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