It’s hard to beat the drama of playoff hockey. The skill level is heightened and so are emotions. So it is not surprising that the lows and the highs are more intense as well.

This year’s playoffs has featured two game winning goals scored at the last second of a game – that had only happened twice before (1964 and 2009).
Those goals have been crushers for the team scored against (New York and Montreal), and have provided a big boast to the scorers (Washington and Tampa Bay).

It all got us to thinking to our most memorable playoff high (other than winning a cup) – a 1971 comeback by the Montreal Canadiens against the Boston Bruins.

It was a team of Beliveau, Richard, Mahavoliches, Cournoyer, Ferguson and Dryden against one with the likes of Orr, Esposito, Sanderson, Bucyk, Green, Cashman, Hodge and Cheevers.

What a series – what a time.