We are barely halfway into 2015 but it seems the 2016 Presidential campaign is already in full swing.

It’s too early for me, and it seems to be getting earlier all the time. Like those sports seasons that now have no off-season, Presidential politics is now a full-time profession. The campaign experts and image are at all 24-7, especially in Iowa.

We did a blog back in 2012, Journeys into Hidden America 2012: Beyond the Campaign Trail. We hope to be able to do another one in 2016, but, unlike the politicians and their handlers, we won’t start until it’s time to start.

In the meantime, here is a great feature that caught our attention, “The Iowa Beyond Hay Bales, Corn Fields And Deep-Fried Butter”. Every four years, politicians and the reporters who cover them spend months in Iowa wooing voters ahead of the February caucuses. There’s inevitably a lot of photo ops with grain silos and corn fields in the background, not to mention interviews with weathered farmers who are supposed to stand in for the state’s two million registered voters. But if they broaden their scope “and understand that Des Moines is the third-largest insurance capital on the planet, very white-collar, lots of people doing lots of different things, there’s a whole other world besides ag in Iowa.”We hope to re-visit it when the time comes, but for now we share it with you (via NPR News)