I was a longtime fan of the late Charles Kuralt and his work on CBS Sunday.

Upon his retirement in 1994 (before his passing in 1997), Kuralt passed the hosting duties on to Charles Osgood. Now it is time for Osgood himself to retire from the program.

Charles Osgood’s last show will take place this Sunday morning (September 25). We congratulate him for a job well done. Over the last two plus decades the program has evolved and changed. At the core, howver, it remains true to the vision created by Charles Kuralt and those at CBS who launched the program in the late 1970’s.

So, we thank Charlie Osgood. We will miss him and his bowtow on TV, but are comforted by knowing that we can still “see him on the radio”.

Charles Osgood on Osgood

CBS is donating Charles Osgood’s bowtie to the Smithsonian