Never much liked the song “Everything Old is New Again”. It just never really moved me. Seemed more than a bit too self-congratulatry.

But here I now find myself invoking it for this entry.

It is more than a little comforting to see “progress” humbled on occasion.

Remember the “new Coke” ?

These days, it seems a pattern is discernible – on more than one occasion we have recently started to see a return to things once repudiated as being old-fashioned and out of fashion.

For example, on a local pharmacy (Wish it were an independently owned local pharmacy but it was not) shelf I picked old style razor kit over the many disposable models – a return to the old-fashioned razor after some 30 years. I’d had just enough of mediocre shaves and expensive replacement blades.

One item does not make a trend. But how about today’s renaissance vinyl records – something to find from stores in those large malls to availability on the internet. After a hiatus, its seems vinyl records are back too.

So are the turntables, which means that I finally should be able to find replacement needles for the record turntable I never got rid of, but which also seems to be popular again now.

For me this is truly progress – having a choice instead of being told that what was once important no longer has value or meaning.

Being able to secure a replacement razor blade or record-player turntable is very re-assuring, and to me is very 21st century a good way.

Indeed, perhaps everything that is old is new again.

Don’t throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again