Over the next few months, we’ll be seeing a lot of Bob Pulford’s empty net goal in Game 6 when Toronto beat Montreal for their last Stanley Cup in 1967. After all, this year marks the Leafs centennial and it is going on 50 years since their win over their rivals (and their last Cup).

For Canadien fans it is a painful reminder of a Cup that got away.  Heroic goaltending and gritty timely play from a bunch of grizzled veterans gave Toronto a surprising and unlikely victory.


But, as one can see from this video whether one rooted for the victorious or the vanquished, the moment was indisputably special. Centennial year. Last game of the 6 team era. Montreal-Toronto. Imlach-Blake. Bower. Beliveau. Gallivan/Lecavelier. Hewitt. et. al.

This tape highlights pre-game Game 6 and the final celebration. It is like nothing else we have seen.