To most New York and Texas are very different. But there is a place where the two meet.

New York, Texas.

Recently the New York Times carried an interesting article about this community some 87 miles east of Dallas.

New York is an unincorporated community in Henderson County at the intersection of FM804 and FM607 in an area of East Texas, surrounded mostly by farm land.

New York was first settled around 1856  at a location south of the present site. The present site was settled in 1873. The community was reportedly named either by T. B. Herndon as a joke or by Reynolds because of his hopes for the town’s future. By 1884 New York had two steam gristmills and cotton gins, two churches, a district school, and a population of 60, which rose to 100 by 1892. A post office operated there from 1876 to the first decade of the 1900s. The town declined after it was bypassed by the railroad in 1901. 

In 1986, nearby Dunsavage Farms (a restaurant, antique shop, and bed and breakfast) began to market “New York, Texas, Cheesecake”, which became nationally known by 1992.

More in this Times article.

By the way, to provide equal time, there is a Texas, New York.