That is what some folks visiting the Calgary Stampede might be asking if they got a look at one of the menus at the event.

The Stampede has introduced a number of more upscale items to its menu. For example, there is a foot-long bratwurst infused with cognac (Remy Martin Louis XIII that sells for $3,000 a bottle) and topped with Kobe beef, lobster tail and truffles, or a lobster corn dog that may be one of the more refined options from the category of “things to eat on a stick.”

Those are just two of the 27 new foods that will be featured on the midway at this year’s Stampede, which starts July 3.

But fear not the old reliables have not gone away. The likes of mini donuts, meatball subs and poutine are still there. So too, for the record, is funnel cake.

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