It’s a time of peace, hope and, hopefully, inspiration.

This is a story that may already familiar to you, especially if you are from Canada. As we are to the south of the 49th parallel, it only became known to us recently.

But has it had a remarkable impact on us and how we look at the world – a world that all too casually throws around the terms role model and hero.

We here make note and add our voice to honor Jonathan Pitre, an inspiration. In an inspiring story, he has become an ambassador for the “butterfly children”, children with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a group of inherited connective tissue diseases that cause blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes, with an incidence of 20 per million newborns in the United States. It is a result of a defect in anchoring between the epidermis and dermis, resulting in friction and skin fragility. Its severity ranges from mild to lethal. (The term butterfly children used to describe term often used to describe younger patients with (because the skin is said to be as fragile as a butterfly’s wings).

Here are a couple of videos that tell the story and display Jonathan’s real courage (This one from CTV and the one below from TSN)

To some hockey is just a game – to others it is an endeavor once a passion turned violent, dangerous, corporate and inaccessible.

But these features and Jonathan remind us what hockey and what we as individuals can be about – if only we stop and take the time to appreciate who we are and what we all uniquely offer.

Merry Christmas.